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Michael A. Mello Papers, Series 1 News Clippings, Binder 2, 1983-1994

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Michael A. Mello Papers, Series 1 News Clippings, Binder 2, 1983-1994



Items in the Michael A. Mello Papers, Series 1 News Clippings, Binder 2, 1983-1994 Collection

Let juries decide on capital punishment

To The Editor:
Your recent editorial urging legislative repeal of Florida’s jury override in capital cases was right on target. Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that Florida may, consistent with the Constitution, permit judges to…

Jury's Precedence

Jury's Precedence
SUPPOSE trial judges were free to dispatch a criminal defendant to prison even after a jury of his peers had declared him not guilty. Unthinkable? Of course it is. Yet that's precisely how the death sentence is administered in…

Execution still on, judge says

Regional News The Miami Herald Execution still on, judge says Stay is granted for a 2nd inmate By LISA HOFFMAN Calling the appeal “a gross abuse” of the legal system, a federal judge Tuesday refused to postpone the execution of convicted police…

Martin receives stay of execution

By Rich Pollack
Staff Writer
Convicted killer Nollie Lee Martin, who was set to die in Florida’s electric chair today, was granted an indefinite stay by federal appeals court in Atlanta Thursday.
The stay was granted by a three-justice panel at…

Deciding who is crazy: Reform Florida's procedure

Deciding who is crazy: Reform Florida's procedure
The current debate over execution of those Florida Death Row inmates who are, or who may be, insane raises difficult issues of law and public policy. But the issue, at least in…

New trial for Martin requested

ATLANTA—Lawyers for convicted murderer Nollie Lee Martin asked a federal appeals court to grant him a new trial, claiming evidence of their client’s damaged brain didn’t come out until after the 1978 trial.

Martin was condemned to death for the…

Death? let the jury decide.

The Miami Herald
James L. Knight, Chairman Emeritus

Death? Let the jury decide

By Michael A. Mello
IN RESPONSE to Calvin Fox’s recent explanation of three reasons why judges, not juries, should impose capital punishment: The question is…

No One Should Die When the Jury Votes for Life

No One Should Die the Jury Votes for Life By Michael A. Mello Special to The Post        Florida's capital sentencing statute provides for a three-step trial procedure in the administration of the death penalty. After a defendant is found guilty of a…

Working for Free: Lawyers finding death row work demanding

One day early last July, Gregg Thomas of the Tampa branch of the Holland & Knight law firm, flew to Tallahassee to discuss the death appeal case of Jimmy Lee Smith , who was scheduled for execution in 10 days. Those 10 days wound up being filled with…

Killer Loses Life-term Appeal

Almost 11 years to the day after Delray Beach police officer John Kennedy was slain while writing incident reports in his patrol car, an appeals court has upheld Willie Clayton Simpson’s life sentence for the murder.
Fellow officers found Kennedy…

25 Innocent People Executed Since 1900, ACLU Study Claims

The Florida Times-Union
Jacksonville, Florida, THURSDAY November 14, 1985

25 innocent people executed since 1900, ACLU study claims
By Michael Romaner

GAINESVILLE – The American Civil Liberties Union is hoping to rekindle the death-penalty…

Panel: Jurors Should Decide the Fate of Killers

Panel: Jurors Should Decide the Fate of Killers
ORLANDO- Juries, not judges, should decide whether convicted killers are sentenced to death, the Florida Bar’s board of governors said in voting its support for a bill that would take away judges’…

NACDL Co-Sponsors Death Penalty Conference

NACDL Co-Sponsors Death Penalty Conference

Warrenton, VA-As a part of its ongoing Death Penalty Project, NACDL co-sponsored the Annual Capital Punishment Conference held at the Arlie Conference Center in Warrenton, Virginia on July 18-20. The…

Bar favors eliminating judicial death penalty override

The Florida Bar News/February 1, 1986
Bar favors eliminating judicial death penalty override

The Florida Bar will lobby for removing judges’ power to override juries to impose death penalties and for appointing all trial judges, as part of its…

Individual Rights and Responsibilities

Individual Rights and Responsibilities
By Margot Pequignot

The Committee on Individual Rights and Responsibilities concentrated its efforts this year on legislative matters. Under the guidance of member Michael Mello, the committee studied and…

Capital-Case Judges' Override Powers Trouble Lawyer

Capital-Case Judges' Overrride Powers Trouble Lawyer
Carolyn Susman
"We're a hang 'em high state," attorney Jim Green says. And the Palm Beach County lawyer is not alone in his assessment. Florida has been dubbed the nation's capital…

Future executions hinge on Supreme Court case

Tuesday, February 18, 1986 Florida Flambeau

Future Executions hinge on Supreme Court case
United Press International

The attorney for two death row inmates just granted last-minute stays of execution says Florida may not be allowed to execute…

Court Refuses to Grant Delay in Execution

The United States Supreme Court refused to grant a delay in the execution of Aubrey Dennis Adams last week. Adams stands convicted of killing eight year old Trisa Gail Thornley in 1978. It is said that Adams was acquainted with the young girl's…

Lawyers argue over executing young slayers

Lawyers argue over executing young slayers

From Staff
ATLANTA — The execution of a convict who was under 18 at the time he committed the crime would violate evolving standards of decency established by history and law, an attorney argued before…

Escambia cases show examples

Escambia cases show examples
By Ginny Graybiel
News Journal

In a first-degree murder case, when a judge and a jury don’t see eye-to-eye on the sentence, as has occurred at least five times in the last seven years in Escambia County, the judge…