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A recent bombing done by an Indiana man killed one and injured another Vermont resident. The perpetrator Chris Dean is being held without bond and is subject to Federal laws surrounding the death penalty. This has ignited a debate in Vermont as the…

The Governor spoke about his position on the death penalty and the appropriate usage of the death penalty for the state of Vermont.

Coddling the Unabomber
Vermont Law Professor Michael Mello advocates for the privacy of Ted Kaczynski, more commonly known as: The Unabomber.

Vt. Law Prof Aids Kaczynski Defense
Michael Mello, professor of law in Vermont, helped the attorneys representing the Unabomber. Coincidentally, one of the bombs sent by Kaczynski killed this same law professor's mentor, Judge Robert S. Vance of Birmingham, Alabama.

This article discusses Michael Mello's opinion on using Kaczynski's personal diary as evidence against him in a court of law.

After the murder of federal appellate Judge Robert S. Vance, Mello discusses the opinions on the death penalty held in states such as Florida, California, New York, and Texas. Mello further examines the complications of the death penalty including…

The defense attorneys for Theodore John Kaczynski, the accused Unabomber, will attempt to argue that their client suffered from "a mental defect" and cannot be held responsible for his crimes.

Discussion of the proposed prosecution and defence of Ted Kaczinski.

Paul J. Perkins writes a response letter to the Valley News editor describing his former law professor Michael Mello. Perkins writes about his pro bono work on the Spaziano case and general advocacy on capital punishment reform as well as the…

The case of Gordon Perry is examined. It is considered by Michael Mello to be a case highly important to those opposing the death penalty in New Hampshire.

An opinion piece about the selection of justices for the Vermont Supreme Court in 1997. Mello describes why he thinks the governor was flawed in his process of choosing the justices for the Supreme Court.

Reporting on the critical comments of Vermont governor Howard Dean towards the state Supreme Court and judicial system pertaining to defendants rights. Critics from law backgrounds comment on the governors stances and comments.

An article written by Michael Mello arguing for reform in the justice system claiming that the government abdicates its moral and ethical responsibility not to indict citizens being scrutinized by prosecutors.

William A. Hunter is charged with 10 counts of mail fraud and 1 count of bankruptcy fraud. Hunter pleads not guilty to all charges. Hunter's lawyer, Peter Hall, argues that these charges are being brought because the U.S. District attorney's office…

Newspaper article describing the reaction to William Hunter's indictment during the embezzlement hearing. A few of Hunter's colleagues' opinions on the trial are quoted.

A review of Michael Mello's book: Against the Death Penalty.

Review of Mello's piece discusses what the appropriate reaction of a judge should be to a law they believe to be unjust (specifically concerning capital punishment).

Dean and Professor of Law, Victor L. Streib's positive review of Michael Mello's book "Against the Death Penalty--The Relentless Dissents of Justices Brennan and Marshall."


Lawyer Gerald Cantini has been sued and gone to court many times because of his divorce, malpractice suits, and in multiple investigations. He has had multiple lawyers defending him during his trials but they tend to quit due to his difficult nature.
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