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A newspaper article from the "Rutland Daily Herald" by Michael Mello. It is four paragraphs long. It discusses the public's view of lawyers and why they are not trusted

A newspaper article written by Beth Innis and Michael Mello, discussing the visit of sexual assualt legal reformer Pam McCoach to Mary Washington College.

An account of why seniors are stressed out and not themselves during their final semester.

A newspaper article written by Steve Geigerich that discusses protests held by Mary Washington College students over marijuana-use suspensions.

This Bullet article discusses the desire for more "open student body" meetings, according to a student survey. One such meeting took place on February 13, 1979, although out of a total student number of over 2,300, only 30 students attended. The main…

The major findings of a survey conducted by the student senate committee, which was designed to determine the major issues of an upcoming student election.

Editorial dealing with the Bullet's decision not to publish two letters by gay students because the students did not want their names printed. The editorial discusses the impact on gay students if their homosexuality is revealed, citing the case of…

The fourth part of a satiracal column about a student protest articulated as if it were a revolution. This part depicts President Woodard's realization of the revolution's severity and his plan on combating it.

An article about the proper responsibilities and attitudes of a newspaper in order to remain relevant to the students and faculty of the school campus.

A newspaper article written by Michael Mello that describes students being questioned about police over suspected drug usage on campus.

On March 30, 1979, MWC students hold a rally to protest the college suspensions of four male Mary Washington students charged with drug offenses.

This document is a newspaper article by Michael Mello describing a brief background of a investigation of a drug arrest and the implications it had on five students it involved. The four of the five students were suspended and the rest were…

A newspaper article by Michael Mello detailing the events of a police search warrant conducted on dorm rooms in Madison Hall on Mary Washington College's campus.

Honor Council President, Beth Innis, wrote an article discussing Honor Violations, Judicial Violations, and double jeopardy.

A newspaper article about the problems with students brought before both the Honor Council and Judicial Court.

A newspaper article written by Helen McFalls, discussing a decision made by the Mary Washington College Judicial Court to overturn charges brought on Anne Knight regarding a unauthorized dorm room visit by her boyfriend. Defended by Michael Mello,…

An account of Mary Washington's racial integration policies, issues with integration, and also Governor Dalton's plans for desegregation of Virginia Colleges

Students survey the damage after a traveller collapsed on the Auditorium's stage.

An article regarding a Student Bill of Rights that was created. It describes the problems with the Bill and the process by which it was created.

A sketch by Ellen Jagiello of Anne Kight and Michael Mello at the trial of Anne Kight.
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