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After a man views a pornographic movie, he rapes his wife and is charged with sexual assault. A judge rules that he can be released on bail only if he agrees not to possess or watch pornography.

An article about treatment programs in Vermont dealing with sexual and violent offenders. Programs in Vermont deal with the rehabilitation of inmates with questionable methods that some argue are not constitutional. Mello, Pithers, and Bush, three…

Concerns arise about vagueness with gun control bill supposed to tighten background checks.

Haile Selassie Girmay is a man accused of murdering two Dartmouth College students. He may use insanity as a defense, but that defense may be impacted by a ruling from Judge Peter Smith. Smith found that Girmay's taped confession will be permissible…

A recent verdict has acquitted four Los Angeles police officers for using excessive force on a black motorist. This verdict has drawn a mixed reaction from local police and attorneys.

Michael Mello gives his thoughts on the jury’s verdict of the Los Angeles police officers who beat Rodney King, who were found innocent.

Windsor County State's Attorney Patricia Zimmerman dropped a case that involved prosecuting a group charged with trespassing after having been denied entrance into bar because of the sexual orientation of their party.

An article about the approval for use of DNA testing in federal court rulings.

A letter from death row
A newspaper article regarding capital punishment which includes a letter written by death row inmate Joe Giarratano. The Ninth Amendment is referenced addressing constitutional law and the existence of "unenumerated" rights outside those expressly…

With new evidence, a man on death row may be released. He was convicted of the murder and rape of two women, confessed, and has withdrawn his confession to pursue his innocence.

Wilder Grants Death Sentence Reversal
Governor L. Douglas Wilder commuted Joseph M. Giarratano's death sentence. Giarratano's sentence was reduced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole in 13 years.

Legal scholar Joseph Giarratano appeals to the Supreme Court in an attempt to commute his death sentence and save his life.

Death Row Inmate Wants To Study Law
Convicted killer Joe Giarratano hopes to elude Virginia's electric chair and study law in Vermont.

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The Debate Over Capital Punishment
McCarthy anayzles the flaws of executions in death row. Talking with soon to be victim of exectuion, Giarrantano, among others, McCarthy lays out how complicated the legal use of executions are, and how many people think rather too quickly when…

Pan to eliminate state appeals for death row inmates may not speed up the legal process.

This article discusses Mello's criminal justice resume, his fields of expertise and how he is beneficial as a professor at Vermont Law School.

Mello argues that there is a good case for a potential stay of execution for Bundy.

Delays On Death Row: Booker Appeals Frustrate Lawyer
A newspaper article about Todd Booker. Booker murdered a 94 year old woman and claimed that his death sentence was unconstitutional. Booker was helped by lawyers to push his death sentence.

Paul Edward Magill was sentenced to death for crimes he committed as a juvenile. He went through many trials with many appeals. He is now withstanding the last trial to determine his fate. Magill stated that more people had gotten off Death Row than…
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