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Joe Spaziano's execution is still likely to occur even though the only witness recanted his testimony. Most of the evidence that Governor Lawton Chiles has to condemn Spaziano has not been made publicly available or brought to court.

Governor Chiles orders the execution of Joe Spaziano after new evidence from witnesses is presented. Spaziano's attorney, Michael Mello, is reported as believing this information from the witnesses is fraudulent.

Joe Spaziano gets fifth death warrent
An updating of the case of Joe Spaziano as he receives his fifth death warrant, and a recounting of the last few events surrrounding Spaziano's trial.

Joseph Spaziano is served another death warrant despite doubts about his guilt

One of 'Crazy Joe' friends says he was and was not lying to the cops and his testimony was a big part of putting Spaziano away.

The Florida Supreme Court has put a hold on "Crazy Joe" Spaziano's latest appeal attempt because the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is still investigating his murder case to figure out if there is any new evidence.

Charges against Jeffrey Allen in the shooting death of Richard Allen have been reduced from first-degree to second-degree murder.

Joe Spaziano is seeking clemency after the key witness in the trial doubts his testimony was accurate. Another investigation into the case 21 years later has been authorized by the Governor of Florida.

This is an article describing the admittance that a testimony previously given in trial of Joe Spaziano was false. Spaziano's lawyer Michael Mello has asked the governor to free Spaziano, while the police are certain that Spaziano is still the…

Joe Spaziano was convicted of torture murder of an Orlando woman and raping another. But he was freed by a Florida Cabinet.

An article in the St. Petersburg Times describing how the main witness in the murder investigation may have been under "Hypnosis" from the police. Diliso, the chief witness in the 1975 trial says that the technique the police used to coax memories…

The article discusses a plea for clemency in the death sentence of a motorcycle gang member after the key witness for the prosecution recanted their testimony.

Stop the bad rap on hypnosis
The vice president of a Miami hypnosis center argues for the legitimacy and value of hypnosis.

Joseph Spaziano was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Laura Lynn Harberts in 1973. Prior to his execution a stay was granted due to media reports casting doubt on Tony Dilisio's testimony. While the FDLE is continuing to investigate…

Two newspaper articles from the Orlando Sentinel published on Sunday June 18th, 1995. The articles focused on how Michael Mello re-entered the case of Joseph Spaziano. Mello also opposed giving Anthony Dilisio, a witness in the Joseph Spaziano case a…

This editorial describes the case of Robert Spaziano, a murder convict on death row. The editorial points out inconsistencies in the case against Spaziano and argues that doubt cannot exist with the death sentence.

Anthony Dilisio, a car upholsterer and restorer, recanted a twenty year old testimony made on May 13, 1975 that placed Joseph Spaziano on death row for the murders of two people in 1976. At the time of the testimony, Dilisio, then a sixteen year…

Raid Raises Questions about Law Privileges
The article discusses the raid of a criminal defense lawyer named William A. Hunter. The raid secured his records and files. The raid was due to federal investigators suspecting Hunter of helping his client launder money. The article discusses the…

A motorcycle gang member, Joseph Robert Spaziano, is convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of an 18-year old woman. However, new doubts emerge about the crime, and the court proceedings and Spaziano's mental health are called into question.…

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