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One of 'Crazy Joe' friends says he was and was not lying to the cops and his testimony was a big part of putting Spaziano away.

A student's account of a Washington DC gay rights rally, in protest of Ms. Anita Bryant's attack on gay rights ordinance in Dade County, FL.

An article written for the Mary Washington Bullet by Cynthia Anderson detailing the toga party that was hosted by the "Animals."

Raid Raises Questions about Law Privileges
The article discusses the raid of a criminal defense lawyer named William A. Hunter. The raid secured his records and files. The raid was due to federal investigators suspecting Hunter of helping his client launder money. The article discusses the…

This article discusses Mello's criminal justice resume, his fields of expertise and how he is beneficial as a professor at Vermont Law School.

Joe Spaziano is seeking clemency after the key witness in the trial doubts his testimony was accurate. Another investigation into the case 21 years later has been authorized by the Governor of Florida.

Convicted murderer, Joseph "Crazy Joe" Spaziano awaits decision from Florida Supreme Court regarding his request for a stay of execution. Spaziano is due to be sent to the electric chair in two weeks. His attorney, Michael Mello, argues that Spaziano…

Mello files for stay of execution for Joseph Spaziano. Prosecution witness recants testimony.

Death Row Inmate Wants To Study Law
Convicted killer Joe Giarratano hopes to elude Virginia's electric chair and study law in Vermont.

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David Funchess was the first U.S. Vietnam Vet to be executed by a state.

The article describes how when looking to defend a inmate on death row a lawyer could be working around 18 hours a day for three to four weeks. It also alludes to how important it is that these lawyers continue to do this work as 50% of death row…


Anthony Dilisio, a car upholsterer and restorer, recanted a twenty year old testimony made on May 13, 1975 that placed Joseph Spaziano on death row for the murders of two people in 1976. At the time of the testimony, Dilisio, then a sixteen year…

A recent verdict has acquitted four Los Angeles police officers for using excessive force on a black motorist. This verdict has drawn a mixed reaction from local police and attorneys.

In recent months, the court system in the state of Vermont has seen a revival of the Grand jury. While the practice of calling for a Grand jury is legitimate, some question whether affording the prosecution such a powerful tool to indict does not…

News article covering Mello's continued defense of Joseph Spaziano 23 days before his execution is carried out.

Joe Spaziano's execution is still likely to occur even though the only witness recanted his testimony. Most of the evidence that Governor Lawton Chiles has to condemn Spaziano has not been made publicly available or brought to court.

Mello argues that there is a good case for a potential stay of execution for Bundy.

The fourth part of a satiracal column about a student protest articulated as if it were a revolution. This part depicts President Woodard's realization of the revolution's severity and his plan on combating it.
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