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The Florida Supreme Court has put a hold on "Crazy Joe" Spaziano's latest appeal attempt because the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is still investigating his murder case to figure out if there is any new evidence.

Joe Spaziano is granted a new hearing on his murder trial. Nine days before his execution date, the Florida Supreme Court has decided to hold Spaziano indefinitely to allow new evidence to be shown. Mello is kicked off the Spaziano case due Mello…

One of 'Crazy Joe' friends says he was and was not lying to the cops and his testimony was a big part of putting Spaziano away.

Michael Mello prepares to argue for Spaziano's innocence in Florida's Supreme Court two weeks before Spaziano's death sentence is carried through.

Florida Courts Delayed by Controversy Over Death Penalty
A newspaper account of the frustration felt by death penalty advocates at the slow appeals process, which they felt played into death row inmates motivation to extend their lives using drawn out appeals. The focus is on the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of…

A newspaper article from the "Rutland Daily Herald" by Michael Mello. It is four paragraphs long. It discusses the public's view of lawyers and why they are not trusted

Letter to the editor advocating for a Student Bill of Rights at MWC.

25 Innocent People Executed Since 1900, ACLU Study Claims

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Students of Mary Washington College give their opinions on 23-hour visitation rights. Information is based off of polls taken to see how the students feel. It tells the reader of what is soon to come based off of the negative opinions.

Editorial dealing with the Bullet's decision not to publish two letters by gay students because the students did not want their names printed. The editorial discusses the impact on gay students if their homosexuality is revealed, citing the case of…

A motorcycle gang member, Joseph Robert Spaziano, is convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of an 18-year old woman. However, new doubts emerge about the crime, and the court proceedings and Spaziano's mental health are called into question.…

A letter from death row
A newspaper article regarding capital punishment which includes a letter written by death row inmate Joe Giarratano. The Ninth Amendment is referenced addressing constitutional law and the existence of "unenumerated" rights outside those expressly…

Joe Spaziano's execution is still likely to occur even though the only witness recanted his testimony. Most of the evidence that Governor Lawton Chiles has to condemn Spaziano has not been made publicly available or brought to court.

Michael A. Mello wrote this article on affirmative action in the MWC admissions process.

Creation of THE PROMETHEUS, a publication meant to promote discussion and debate on Mary Washington College campus.

Paul Edward Magill was sentenced to death for crimes he committed as a juvenile. He went through many trials with many appeals. He is now withstanding the last trial to determine his fate. Magill stated that more people had gotten off Death Row than…

Death row inmate requests appeal in case two weeks before execution.

A newspaper article by Michael Mello detailing the events of a police search warrant conducted on dorm rooms in Madison Hall on Mary Washington College's campus.

Attorney Michael Mello is left with little time or support to work on Joseph Spaziano's case after the organization supporting Mello on the case is shut down only three weeks before Spaziano's execution.

Editorial answering a letter written to The Bullet at Mary Washington college about women's rights needing more attention. The writer of the letter believing the Equal Rights Amendment would do that.
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