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A newspaper article about black activist Stokely Carmichael who started a "people's revolution". Carmichael spoke to 1,000 people at Kent State University saying that capitalism is going away and that socialism is coming to America. He saw…

A newspaper article which states that according to a 1975 United States government study, about 30 million people have smoked marijuana. About 5,000 Virginians were arrested for smoking marijuana. The National Organization for the Reform of…

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Interview of former Vice President of the Student Senate at Mary Washington College, conducted by Mike Mello. The interview involved the Vice President of the Student Senate's reason for resigning after a disagreement about not following the…

Michael Mello's response to Dr. Thomas Johnson's belief that The Bullet is no an example of a free press. He believes it to be censored by the Board of Publications.

Editorial answering a letter written to The Bullet at Mary Washington college about women's rights needing more attention. The writer of the letter believing the Equal Rights Amendment would do that.

Mike Mello, former president of the MWC Chapter of NORML, speaks at Friday's demonstration held on Westmoreland Green to protest the suspension of four of the five students arrested in Madison last week.

This is a newspaper article written in response to criticisms of the MWC Newspaper "The Bullet".

An editorial about the Gay Student Union at Mary Washington College and the student body's reaction to it, arguing in support of the club.

A student's account of a Washington DC gay rights rally, in protest of Ms. Anita Bryant's attack on gay rights ordinance in Dade County, FL.

This MWC Newspaper article is responding to the pamphlet PROMETHEUS's criticism of the administration and its use of power.

Four residents of Westmoreland Hall at Mary Washington College believe the College administration's handling of their discipline did not follow normal judicial procedures and is unfair.

A photograph of three of the four students involved in vandalism in Westmoreland Hall; Mitch Sproul, Peter Back, and John Bartenstein.

Newspaper article about the Fourteenth Amendment’s due process clause and its applicability to actions taken by state agencies. Colleges, categorized as state agencies, should conform to the Fourteenth Amendment’s due process clause regarding…

Letter to the editor advocating for a Student Bill of Rights at MWC.

This is an article was written by Michael A. Mello in 1977 for the College of Mary Washington's student run newspaper, called The Bullet. Mello is arguing that the United States did indeed commit war crimes during our time in SouthEast Asia, during…

An opinion piece in the Mary Washington College student newspaper about the misuse of the word "radical" when used to describe political activism. Argues that while student activism is often looked down upon, it is an important part of the…

Newspaper article by Michael A. Mello which addresses the Constitutional problems of a legal case involving the prohibition of American Nazis from organizing a demonstration. Mello defends the American Nazis right to assemble under the First…

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Describes the controversy surrounding Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Unification Church.

An article written for the Mary Washington Bullet by Cynthia Anderson detailing the toga party that was hosted by the "Animals."

A political cartoon depicting an unbalanced scale, with the Administrative Power bag weighing significantly more than the smaller Student Power and Faculty Power bags.
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