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Joe Spaziano, nicknamed "Crazy Joe" was granted a stay of execution from the Florida Supreme Court.. The court ordered a new hearing, that will be held no later than November 15th. Mr. Spaziano has refused to see a state appointed attorney, after…

The Florida Supreme Court refuses to stay the execution of Joseph Spaziano, but orders a lower court to hold hearing. In a 4-3 split, the minority opinion believed that Spaziano deserved an indefinite stay of execution.

Convicted murderer, Joseph "Crazy Joe" Spaziano awaits decision from Florida Supreme Court regarding his request for a stay of execution. Spaziano is due to be sent to the electric chair in two weeks. His attorney, Michael Mello, argues that Spaziano…

The Florida Supreme Court has put a hold on "Crazy Joe" Spaziano's latest appeal attempt because the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is still investigating his murder case to figure out if there is any new evidence.

The death sentence of Stephen Todd Booker was overturned because the jury did not look at all mitigating evidence. Booker was before convicted of beating, raping, and stabbing a 94 year old woman.

Paul Edward Magill was sentenced to death for crimes he committed as a juvenile. He went through many trials with many appeals. He is now withstanding the last trial to determine his fate. Magill stated that more people had gotten off Death Row than…

An article about a 1987 U.S. Supreme Court decision that allowed Florida courts to consider additional mitigating circumstances in death penalty cases.

News article describing the death penalty, judicial override, and examples from past cases that had examples of these issues.
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