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News article covering Mello's continued defense of Joseph Spaziano 23 days before his execution is carried out.

Joe Spaziano gets fifth death warrent
An updating of the case of Joe Spaziano as he receives his fifth death warrant, and a recounting of the last few events surrrounding Spaziano's trial.

Critiques Mello's temperment in the proceedings and in the case thus far. Commends Mello in the work he has done but disagrees with him in his outburst and calls for him to step away from the case and work with the existing legal system (the public…

An article in the St. Petersburg Times describing how the main witness in the murder investigation may have been under "Hypnosis" from the police. Diliso, the chief witness in the 1975 trial says that the technique the police used to coax memories…

Spaziano later claims his innocence in court and Gov. Lawton Chiles delayed Spaziano's execution based on this information.

Michael Mello, Spaziano's lawyer accuses Governor Chiles' office of lying and possibly tampering with evidence. Star witness in the case recants statement.

Michael Mello confronts the FDLE on their weak case against Joe Spaziano.
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