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The judge for Joe Spaziano case gave Joe a delay his execution because of his lawyer did want to cooperate with the state attorney. Joe Spaziano was supposed to be executed for the murder of Laura Lynn Harberts who was 18 on August 1973 who was found…

Mike Mello Joseph Spaziano's lawyer makes an attempt to get a stay of execution for Spaziano. Mello did this by not attending the "Last-Chance hearing" to defend Spaziano, leaving him without representation, and forcing the postponing of his…

Mello files for stay of execution for Joseph Spaziano. Prosecution witness recants testimony.

Joe Spaziano gets fifth death warrent
An updating of the case of Joe Spaziano as he receives his fifth death warrant, and a recounting of the last few events surrrounding Spaziano's trial.

Joe Spaziano is seeking clemency after the key witness in the trial doubts his testimony was accurate. Another investigation into the case 21 years later has been authorized by the Governor of Florida.

An article in the St. Petersburg Times describing how the main witness in the murder investigation may have been under "Hypnosis" from the police. Diliso, the chief witness in the 1975 trial says that the technique the police used to coax memories…

Florida Courts Delayed by Controversy Over Death Penalty
A newspaper account of the frustration felt by death penalty advocates at the slow appeals process, which they felt played into death row inmates motivation to extend their lives using drawn out appeals. The focus is on the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of…
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