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Criticism Should Lead to Action

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Criticism Should Lead to Action


College Student Newspapers and Periodicals


This is a newspaper article written in response to criticisms of the MWC Newspaper "The Bullet".


Peter, Susan Kay




HIST 298, University of Mary Washington




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Fredericksburg, VA

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Criticism Should Lead to Action

It is at time asserted that the Bullet does not meet the needs and wishes of the MWC student. Because of this latent dissastification with our school paper, I find it necessary to investigate the basis of criticism from which these complaints arise and attempt to alleviate as many conflicts as possible.

The main problem the BULLET faces in correcting mistakes and misunderstandings is in isolating specific areas of incompetence. Granted, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors occur, and will continue to occur. Similarly, the type of inaccuracy can also e observed in the WASHINGTON POST and THE FREE LANCE STAR. Please keep in mind that the reporters for these national papers devote 24 hours a day to the maintenance and perfection of their work, while the BULLET must place classes and a variety of other matters before the upkeep of the newspaper.

Secondly, it must be noted tat the quality of the paper is contingent upon the excellence of the staff and Editorial Board. The criticism towards the BULLET must stem from certain MWC student's ideas of perfection. We would certainly find it encouraging to have more staff members, especially those of you who not only strive for perfection, but believe it can be attained.

While I initially felt uneasiness concerning the new pamphlet PROMETHEUS, I have concluded that criticism and discontent channeled into another form of media is healthy and effective. It is easy to appreciate those who lend constructive criticism, as well as take action to eliminate their cause for discontent.

When asked specifically what could be done to improve the BULLET, our critics shrug and reply something obtuse such as : "oh, just general stuff." We seek concrete criticism. We enjoy receiving letters to the editor. What we dislike is confusing displays of inept reasoning regarding the future of this year's BULLET. Complaints that have no basis or apathetic suggestions which would be impossible to implement are quite frustrating. As a freshman, I frequently criticized the BULLET, but it was not until I began participating in the decision making that I realized how genuinely unjustified I was in complaining of matters which I knew nothing about and did nothing about.

If you desire change, it is necessary to do something more than merely expect it to occur. It is only after you offer precise suggestion and more importantly, action that you will experience the benefits of knowing that you have contributed to improvement; public reaction will be your gratification. P.A.R.

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Student Editor of the Digital Item

Williams, Megan




Peter, Susan Kay, “Criticism Should Lead to Action,” HIST298, accessed January 16, 2021, http://hist298.umwhistory.org/items/show/13.