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A key witness in the trial of Joseph Spaziano, for the murder of Laura Harberts, changed his statement. Spaziano now has a new legal team and the presiding judge has removed himself in fear of impartiality. Spaziano's execution has been postponed and…

“Crazy Joe” Spaziano receives a last-minute stay of execution on his 50th birthday September 25, 1995. In 1975 police charged Joe Spaziano with the 1973 rape-torture slaying of 18-year-old hospital clerk Laura Lynn Harberts. Jurors found Spaziano…

This newspaper was describing how volunteer lawyer programs are being shut down due to lack of funding. There are other programs besides CCR that are trying to help prisoners on death row be represented in court. There has also been a dramatic…

Critiques Mello's temperment in the proceedings and in the case thus far. Commends Mello in the work he has done but disagrees with him in his outburst and calls for him to step away from the case and work with the existing legal system (the public…

The judge for Joe Spaziano case gave Joe a delay his execution because of his lawyer did want to cooperate with the state attorney. Joe Spaziano was supposed to be executed for the murder of Laura Lynn Harberts who was 18 on August 1973 who was found…

Joe Spaziano, nicknamed "Crazy Joe" was granted a stay of execution from the Florida Supreme Court.. The court ordered a new hearing, that will be held no later than November 15th. Mr. Spaziano has refused to see a state appointed attorney, after…

Mike Mello Joseph Spaziano's lawyer makes an attempt to get a stay of execution for Spaziano. Mello did this by not attending the "Last-Chance hearing" to defend Spaziano, leaving him without representation, and forcing the postponing of his…

With Spaziano's execution on hold it could give the court time reinvestigate.

Joe Spaziano is granted a new hearing on his murder trial. Nine days before his execution date, the Florida Supreme Court has decided to hold Spaziano indefinitely to allow new evidence to be shown. Mello is kicked off the Spaziano case due Mello…

Joseph "Crazy Joe" Spaziano is left without representation in the upcoming trial against him. In his appeal to a death sentence, his lawyer, Michael Mello, stepped down in protest of this trial, arguing that is it a sham.

Spaziano's lawyer, Michael Mellow, is worried that he will not be prepared to make a convincing argument on behalf of his client because new evidence has come to light.

Mello files for stay of execution for Joseph Spaziano. Prosecution witness recants testimony.

This newspaper article from "The Herald," in Tallahassee, FL describes Michael Mello's fight for a stay of execution for his client, "Crazy Joe" Spaziano. His fight was being challenged by the state's "secret evidence" that was to prove his guilt,…

The Florida Supreme Court refuses to stay the execution of Joseph Spaziano, but orders a lower court to hold hearing. In a 4-3 split, the minority opinion believed that Spaziano deserved an indefinite stay of execution.

Describes how Anthony DiLisio, a prime witness in the Spaziano case, recanted his original statement and how the Florida Supreme Court plans to handle it.

This article reviews the Flordia Supreme Court's 4-3 split when deciding to stay Joseph Spaziano's death sentence after a key witness recanted their statement from twenty years ago.

Joseph Spaziano gets denied a stay of execution. The Florida Supreme Court decides that the new evidence regard the fact that a key witness in the 1976 murder trial lied must be heard by a Sanford court. The lower court was believed to be the place…

Death row inmate requests appeal in case two weeks before execution.

Convicted murderer, Joseph "Crazy Joe" Spaziano awaits decision from Florida Supreme Court regarding his request for a stay of execution. Spaziano is due to be sent to the electric chair in two weeks. His attorney, Michael Mello, argues that Spaziano…

Michael Mello, Joseph Spaziano's attorney believes Spaziano deserves a chance to prove his innocence.
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