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This Bullet article discusses the desire for more "open student body" meetings, according to a student survey. One such meeting took place on February 13, 1979, although out of a total student number of over 2,300, only 30 students attended. The main…

The major findings of a survey conducted by the student senate committee, which was designed to determine the major issues of an upcoming student election.

On March 30, 1979, MWC students hold a rally to protest the college suspensions of four male Mary Washington students charged with drug offenses.

This document is a newspaper article by Michael Mello describing a brief background of a investigation of a drug arrest and the implications it had on five students it involved. The four of the five students were suspended and the rest were…

A newspaper article by Michael Mello detailing the events of a police search warrant conducted on dorm rooms in Madison Hall on Mary Washington College's campus.

Students survey the damage after a traveller collapsed on the Auditorium's stage.

Prometheus Title.jpg
A review of the small Mary Washington College newspaper, Prometheus, by Michael Mello.

A newspaper article describing the Student Bill of Rights that President Woodard agreed upon with the Constitutional Revision Committee by Michael Mello.

A photo of three male students standing on the porch of Hamlet House with a sign advertising a toga party.

A Bullet article in which Michael Mello discusses the operations of the MWC Board of Visitors.

An article critiquing President Prince B. Woodward on his refusal to listen to student opinions regarding an extended visitation policy.

A letter to the editor in response to a previously written article regarding Mary Washington College students' struggles for more power. Specifically addressing the significance of students being members of the Board of Visitors.

Thomas Johnson and Frances Gravatt wrote to the editor of The Bullet about NORML.

Crossfire 1.jpg
In this article Michael Mello writes about giving amnesty to the people who refused to participate in the Vietnam War.

The visit of former Secretary of State Dean Rusk's visit to Mary Washington specifically talking at the Vietnam War.

Michael Mello writes on Mary Washington College's Bill of Rights and the upcoming vote to ratify it.

A newspaper article by Helen Marie McFalls of Mary Washington College about White House Press Briefing attended by Michael Mello.

An opinion piece in the Mary Washington College student newspaper about the misuse of the word "radical" when used to describe political activism. Argues that while student activism is often looked down upon, it is an important part of the…

Newspaper article about the Fourteenth Amendment’s due process clause and its applicability to actions taken by state agencies. Colleges, categorized as state agencies, should conform to the Fourteenth Amendment’s due process clause regarding…

A newspaper article which states that according to a 1975 United States government study, about 30 million people have smoked marijuana. About 5,000 Virginians were arrested for smoking marijuana. The National Organization for the Reform of…
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