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A key witness in the trial of Joseph Spaziano, for the murder of Laura Harberts, changed his statement. Spaziano now has a new legal team and the presiding judge has removed himself in fear of impartiality. Spaziano's execution has been postponed and…

“Crazy Joe” Spaziano receives a last-minute stay of execution on his 50th birthday September 25, 1995. In 1975 police charged Joe Spaziano with the 1973 rape-torture slaying of 18-year-old hospital clerk Laura Lynn Harberts. Jurors found Spaziano…

Death row inmate requests appeal in case two weeks before execution.

Spaziano later claims his innocence in court and Gov. Lawton Chiles delayed Spaziano's execution based on this information.

Governor Lawton Chiles should release a summary of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement report that he used to determine that Spaziano's murder conviction was just.

This is an article describing the admittance that a testimony previously given in trial of Joe Spaziano was false. Spaziano's lawyer Michael Mello has asked the governor to free Spaziano, while the police are certain that Spaziano is still the…

News article covering Mello's continued defense of Joseph Spaziano 23 days before his execution is carried out.

Porno Ban is Assailed <br />
Condition Imposed On Alleged Rapist Called Improper
Newspaper article analyzing the legality of a judges ruling to ban an alleged rapist from owning or viewing pornography. Michael Mello and other legal professionals give insight into the case.

An article about treatment programs in Vermont dealing with sexual and violent offenders. Programs in Vermont deal with the rehabilitation of inmates with questionable methods that some argue are not constitutional. Mello, Pithers, and Bush, three…

Haile Selassie Girmay is a man accused of murdering two Dartmouth College students. He may use insanity as a defense, but that defense may be impacted by a ruling from Judge Peter Smith. Smith found that Girmay's taped confession will be permissible…

An article about the approval for use of DNA testing in federal court rulings.

Legal scholar Joseph Giarratano appeals to the Supreme Court in an attempt to commute his death sentence and save his life.

Paul Edward Magill was sentenced to death for crimes he committed as a juvenile. He went through many trials with many appeals. He is now withstanding the last trial to determine his fate. Magill stated that more people had gotten off Death Row than…

This newspaper clipping is an article detailing how the undecided nature of the Supreme Court case, Lockhart v. McCree, has allowed Mello to successfully appeal for stays of execution for two of his clients on death row.

An article about various bills and interests that the Committee on Individual Rights and Responsibilities in the Florida Bar supports.

An article in support of juries having the final say in death penalty cases. Says that judges should not have the ability to overrule a jury decision.

The article describes how when looking to defend a inmate on death row a lawyer could be working around 18 hours a day for three to four weeks. It also alludes to how important it is that these lawyers continue to do this work as 50% of death row…

Newspaper article written by Michael A. Mello, discussing Florida's capital sentencing statute in 1985.
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