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A key witness in the trial of Joseph Spaziano, for the murder of Laura Harberts, changed his statement. Spaziano now has a new legal team and the presiding judge has removed himself in fear of impartiality. Spaziano's execution has been postponed and…

“Crazy Joe” Spaziano receives a last-minute stay of execution on his 50th birthday September 25, 1995. In 1975 police charged Joe Spaziano with the 1973 rape-torture slaying of 18-year-old hospital clerk Laura Lynn Harberts. Jurors found Spaziano…

Joseph "Crazy Joe" Spaziano is left without representation in the upcoming trial against him. In his appeal to a death sentence, his lawyer, Michael Mello, stepped down in protest of this trial, arguing that is it a sham.

This newspaper article from "The Herald," in Tallahassee, FL describes Michael Mello's fight for a stay of execution for his client, "Crazy Joe" Spaziano. His fight was being challenged by the state's "secret evidence" that was to prove his guilt,…

Describes how Anthony DiLisio, a prime witness in the Spaziano case, recanted his original statement and how the Florida Supreme Court plans to handle it.

Charges against Jeffrey Allen in the shooting death of Richard Allen have been reduced from first-degree to second-degree murder.

Michael Mello confronts the FDLE on their weak case against Joe Spaziano.

Joe Spaziano is seeking clemency after the key witness in the trial doubts his testimony was accurate. Another investigation into the case 21 years later has been authorized by the Governor of Florida.

Two newspaper articles from the Orlando Sentinel published on Sunday June 18th, 1995. The articles focused on how Michael Mello re-entered the case of Joseph Spaziano. Mello also opposed giving Anthony Dilisio, a witness in the Joseph Spaziano case a…

The issue of Raleigh Porter's death sentence by electric chair could have been avoided due to newer laws in Florida courts.

This article discusses Mello's criminal justice resume, his fields of expertise and how he is beneficial as a professor at Vermont Law School.

The article discusses Florida joining the lawsuit against the federal government to stop the federal government from mandating the appointment of lawyers to death row inmates for appeals. The article also accounts for the different opinions of state…

Michael Mello gave advice to Ted Bundy and his legal counsel.

This Newsweek article uses the failed death row appeal of Warren McClesky by the Supreme Court to bring up complicated issues surrounding capital punishment. Writers argue that the Supreme Court and most in the legal system admit there is racial bias…

An article recounting the murder of Florida police officer John Kennedy, and the two trials and life-term sentencing of the accused murderer Willie Clayton Simpson.

Newspaper article written by Michael A. Mello, discussing Florida's capital sentencing statute in 1985.

An account of why seniors are stressed out and not themselves during their final semester.

This Bullet article discusses the desire for more "open student body" meetings, according to a student survey. One such meeting took place on February 13, 1979, although out of a total student number of over 2,300, only 30 students attended. The main…

The fourth part of a satiracal column about a student protest articulated as if it were a revolution. This part depicts President Woodard's realization of the revolution's severity and his plan on combating it.

On March 30, 1979, MWC students hold a rally to protest the college suspensions of four male Mary Washington students charged with drug offenses.
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